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Edamon™Compact mesh handheld portable Nebulizer with Cordyceps Extract Essence ——Suitable for respiratory problems of all ages

Edamon™Compact mesh handheld portable Nebulizer with Cordyceps Extract Essence ——Suitable for respiratory problems of all ages

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Nature’s Gift With Latest atomization technology for Healthy Lungs

Edamon™ Compact mesh handheld portable Nebulizer is the latest portable nebulizer. It uses nano-atomization technology to convert liquid medicine into atomized form of tiny particles. When used with Cordyceps Extract Spray, it can be absorbed directly into the deep respiratory tract, helping to treat restrictive diseases. and obstructive respiratory diseases (such as asthma, pneumonia, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis, and bronchiectasis), and helps inhibit proteins that cause airway allergies. By doing this, you can minimize airway irritation and improve overall lung function.

Did you know that over half a billion people worldwide suffer from respiratory diseases?

At Edamon, we believe that every breath counts and we're here to help you breathe easier the NATURAL WAY.

We offer purely organic plant-based lung supplements combined with nano-nebulization technology, the world's leading natural solution.

Whether you're struggling with shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chronic cough with phlegm, airway irritation, respiratory allergies, asthma, COPD, bronchitis, or any other respiratory symptom, we're here to help.

The mystery of Tibetans breathing freely at an altitude of 4,200 meters

Cameron Derrington, the leading scientist of Edamon's research team told us about his experience. He has been involved in the research of atomizing Cordyceps sinensis and applying it to lung support for more than 20 years.

For decades, Tibetans lived at an altitude of 4,200 meters along the Himalayas, known as the "roof of the world." The thin oxygen under the plateau is only 2/3 of the average air content, but they have always maintained a healthy body and strong lungs. Their lungs can use oxygen more effectively, prompting their respiratory system to work more efficiently. . Respiratory diseases never seemed to cross their paths.

And all this is related to a precious herbal called Cordyceps Sinensis.

Cordyceps sinensis grows on the grass slopes near the snow line in the Himalayan alpine grassland shrub belt at an altitude of 3,000 to 5,000 meters. It is a herb that Tibetans rely on for survival.
"In ancient medicine, it is believed that Cordyceps sinensis enters the lung and kidney meridians, and the two coordinate and balance each other, giving Tibetans a strong body and a strong respiratory system, enough to adapt to the thin air in the plateau environment."

These conclusions have also been proven with the support of modern medicine.
"In 1951, German scientist Cunningham et al. first discovered the core component of Cordyceps sinensis, "cordycepin", and found that it has various pharmacological activities such as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-tumor and immunomodulation; in the following decades, the academic community has in-depth A large number of studies on cordycepin have been carried out; in 1997, cordycepin was used in phase III clinical trials in the United States to treat COPD and mid-stage lung cancer patients; in 2017, Professor Wang Chengshu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences published an article online in the Cell sub-journal Cell Chemical Biology. The latest research results on cordycepin: This study completely analyzed the biosynthetic mechanism of cordycepin in Cordyceps militaris. It also found for the first time that cordyceps can synthesize pentostatin, a factor that resists inflammation and promotes connective tissue repair. This compound is used to protect the structural stability of the synthesized cordycepin."

Our team’s research found that cordycepin can effectively reduce or even reverse pulmonary fibrosis, improve lung tissue structure and fibrosis pathological changes. By using a bronchial asthma model, it was found that a certain dose of cordycepin inhibited chronic airway inflammation in asthma. At the same time, combined with glucocorticoids, it can effectively inhibit the contraction of airway smooth muscle, reduce the occurrence of asthma, and have a positive effect on the remodeling of the airway. certain improvement effect. Cordycepin intervenes to inhibit the production of cytokines in COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), while eliminating inflammation, epithelial hyperplasia and other lung pathological changes around lung organs and blood vessels.

The key ingredients

The Edamon team uses supercritical fluid extraction technology to maximize the extraction of active ingredients such as cordycepic acid, cordycepin, and ergosterol in Cordyceps Sinensis. Each Cordyceps Extract essence is equivalent to 12 grams of the active ingredients of Cordyceps Sinensis.

Edamon™Compact mesh handheld portable Nebulizer is not just a Nebulizer; it represents the perfect synergy between medical technology and practical needs. Its unique design philosophy caters to the high-efficiency and personalized requirements of patients managing respiratory diseases. Throughout the development of this Nebulizer, considerations for patient comfort and user convenience have been prioritized, offering users a novel respiratory treatment experience.

The introduction of the Edamon™Compact mesh handheld portable Nebulizer a significant breakthrough in the field of respiratory system medicine, showcasing Cameron Derrington's innovative thinking and highlighting Mayo Clinic's leadership in medical research and technological innovation. This collaborative project opens a new chapter in respiratory therapy, providing a more advanced and convenient solution for a wide range of patients.

Let's take a look at how the Edamon™Compact mesh handheld portable Nebulizer with Cordyceps Extract Essence is helping patients.

My 7 year old son has been suffering from a severe asthmatic cough. Fortunately, we tried the Edamon™Compact mesh handheld portable Nebulizer with Cordyceps Extract Essence and it really improved her breathing and significantly relieved her cough and asthma symptoms. This is like a miracle to us! I have tried many treatments before, but none have been as effective as the AAFQPulmoGuard Ultrasonic Molecular Inhaler. Now, my daughter's quality of life is much better; she no longer suffers from asthma regularly, and her sleep quality has improved significantly. We are so grateful and the AAFQPulmoGuard Ultrasonic Molecular Inhaler has truly been our lifesaver. I highly recommend this product to other families, especially those with children with asthma.

——Jacob Thompson/Denver

After years of suffering, I finally found a new remedy — Edamon™Compact mesh handheld portable Nebulizer with Cordyceps Extract Essence.

Once upon a time, I experienced terrifying COPD attacks in my dreams, not every day but influenced by the weather. Every time I lay down to sleep, my lungs would feel severely congested, and my breathing would become rapid. During these episodes, I would honestly feel scared to fall asleep. I often wondered, is this going to be my last time falling asleep? Will I wake up again? Is there anything that can help me breathe normally like others? I felt helpless, not knowing what to do. After COPD/allergy attacks, it would take me at least 4-5 hours to recover to a level where I could breathe normally.

Until one day, I realized that my lungs might be weak and sensitive, so I should find a supplement to support my lung health before it deteriorated further. Then, a miracle happened — I discovered the AAFQPulmoGuard ultrasonic molecular inhaler. Since the day I started taking this supplement, the fear in my sleep disappeared, and COPD attacks no longer plagued me. To my delight, my intense allergy symptoms also significantly alleviated.

Thanks to the AAFQPulmoGuard ultrasonic molecular inhaler, I found new support for lung health. The miraculous effects of this supplement have transformed my life, making me no longer fear falling asleep and freeing me from respiratory troubles. I am deeply grateful for this product and thankful for finding a solution!

    Usage Instructions:


    1. Place the Cordyceps Extract Essence into the nebulizer cup(Can be mixed with appropriate amount of purified water)
    2. Attach the top of the nebulizer cup and connect the mouthpiece to the nebulizer cup.
    3. Turn on the compressor using the switch. Once the compressor is on, you should see a faint mist.
    4. Sit in a comfortable chair and sit upright.
    5. Breathe normally through your mouth. If possible, take a slow, deep breath every fifth breath, hold your breath for 2 to 3 seconds, and then exhale. This allows the medication to settle into the respiratory tract. 
    6. Continue the treatment until the medication is depleted (approximately 5 to 15 minutes).
    7. Turn off the compressor. Wash your hands with warm water and soap. Dry them with a clean towel.
    8. Once a day, one Cordyceps Extract Essence at a time

    product specification

    • Edamon™Compact mesh handheld portable Nebulizer(1x)
    • Cordyceps Extract Essence (7x5ml)

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