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DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator

DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator

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Enhance lung function, treat pneumonia, improve breathing, stop snoring and remove toxins from your lungs just by wearing the DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator and breathing deeply every day. Don't wait any longer to give your lungs the care they deserve. Try it now and experience the rejuvenating effects for yourself!

In a 28-day clinical trial with 500 participants, the product was shown to be effective for asthma, bronchiectasis, bronchitis, colds and flu/allergies, COPD/pneumonia, cough, emphysema, It has significant positive effects on diseases such as lung mucus, pulmonary fibrosis, and chronic sinus lung disease.

【Professional】Clear Lungs

✅Clear lungs and detoxify

Increases blood flow to the lungs, nourishes the lungs and improves lung health

Promote selfcleaning of the respiratory system and expel phlegm and lung residues

Activate human immune system and effectively treats respiratory allergies and asthma

Promote oxygen absorption and optimize cardiorespiratory performance

Convenient and portable for an on-the-go lifestyle

Take a look at what our happy customers are saying:

"I've always been a huge fan of this product. This nose clip has been a huge help with my stuffy nose, especially in the winter when colds are raging and sinusitis is bad. I can't believe how much better my nose is since using this. Breathing has improved tremendously. I no longer snore at night, I no longer wake up wheezing or coughing, and my lungs no longer feel bad. If you are looking for a way to help your lungs stay healthy and strong, then I highly recommend giving this product a try!

—Sarah Morgan, Washington


"I had breathing problems from COPD. I needed breathing treatments throughout the day and the thick mucus kept me awake at night. I would lie down and end up coughing and choking on the mucus. I started looking into possible solutions for me helpful stuff and saw this DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator and decided to give it a try.Within a few weeks, I started to see noticeable improvements, my breathing became easier, the pressure in my nose and throat became stronger, and mucus drained easily without leaving any residue. I love this treatment, it helps me breathe easier and sleep better. Thanks to the DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator for making me feel great again!"

—Lacey Barnes , New York

Understanding Lung health

It is a commonly known fact that the lungs are two of our most important organs. They provide oxygen to every cell in the human body, meaning that functional lungs are necessary for healthy basic cell functions. The lungs also contract up to 20x a minute, making them some of the hardest-working organs in the body.

But did you know that some of the most common habits we have can actually destroy our lungs? Smoking, poor posture, lack of exercise, exposure to pollutants, and an unhealthy diet are all things that harm your lungs which leads to several lung conditions that can affect individuals of all ages.

Some of these conditions include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia, bronchitis, lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, and tuberculosis. Each condition presents its own set of challenges, ranging from breathing difficulties and reduced lung function to persistent coughing and fatigue. Thankfully, DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator is developed to naturally support individuals with various lung conditions, providing relief, enhancing respiratory function, and promoting a healthier and happier life.

How does DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator work?

When you wear the DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator, it emits electromagnetic waves and stimulates your lungs at a special frequency, increasing blood flow to the lungs, nourishing the lungs and enhancing their function to improve lung health. Thin mucus in the airways and lungs, helping to expel phlegm and lung residue. This will clear your breathing passages.Stimulates your body's immune system and effectively treats respiratory allergies and asthma. Promotes self-cleaning of the respiratory system.

DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator is a daily respiratory and lung health support supplement designed to help reduce coughs, clear mucus and improve airways so you can breathe easier.DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator also has potent anti-inflammatory properties that reduce lung inflammation and improve overall lung function. Additionally, it stimulates the lungs and promotes mucus production and ciliary movement, important mechanisms for detoxification and lung health.

Allen’s 12-week lung cleansing journey with the help of DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator:

1 Week

"Living with pneumonia has been a challenge for me. Every day, I struggle with shortness of breath, wheezing. This greatly affects my daily functioning and makes even simple tasks feel tiring. I have tried various Treatments were available, but none seemed to provide lasting relief. That was until I discovered the DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator. I was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a chance in hopes of improvement.”

6 Weeks

"To my surprise, within six weeks of using DOCTIA™, I experienced major positive changes. I wear it every day without feeling uncomfortable. My breathing becomes easier and the inflammation in my lungs gradually subsides. I no longer feel constant fatigue .My doctor and family are happy for me too, it's great! People are amazed at the difference, it's crazy!"

12 Weeks

"At the end of week 12, the results I've seen firsthand while using this product are truly incredible. I was amazed at the dramatic improvement in my lung health, which was confirmed by my doctor. In just a few weeks, the inflammation in my lungs subsided. I am so grateful for DOCTIA™ and the impact it has had on my life. It gives me the freedom to engage in activities I love while Don't have to worry about my pneumonia constantly. If you are struggling with pneumonia and its impact on your daily life, I highly recommend trying the DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator.”

Allen Wesley

What makes the DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator your great choice?

  • Clears, detoxifies and nourishes the lungs
  • Activates the human immune system without any side effects on the human body
  • Promote selfcleaning of the respiratory system and easily expel phlegm and lung residues
  • Promote oxygen absorption and optimize cardiorespiratory performance
  • Improve breathing patterns and stop snoring
  • Convenient to carry and suitable for busy lifestyles


  1. Clean both sides of nose
  2. Place the electromagnetic stickers on both sides of the nose
  3. The DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator will fit snugly over your nose and start working


Q:Is the DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator Safe to Use?

A: No side effects or allergens have been detected. This product is safe to use and meets U.S. and European safety standards.

Our products stimulate and enhance body functions through electromagnetic waves and will not burden the human body.

Q:Will the DOCTIA™ Magnetic Deep Lung Cleansing Nasal Dilator fall off during use?

A:Our electromagnetic stickers are waterproof and sweat-resistant and will not fall off easily. You don’t have to worry about them falling off when playing sports.

Q: Will it work on me?

A: We can't guarantee that it will work specifically for you as every journey is unique - and the results vary.

But we have seen 94% positive results and received a lot of great feedback from customers using our products. You should give it a try, that is the only way you will know how it works for you. 😊


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