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⏰Last Day Sale 70% OFF⏰AAFQ™PETS EYE DORPS-Made in the USA

⏰Last Day Sale 70% OFF⏰AAFQ™PETS EYE DORPS-Made in the USA

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ALERT!Don’t take your pet’s eye problems lightly

Pet eye problems, solved here!

Here is some feedback from our customers, congratulations on their success!

Some time ago, my cat Daisy suffered from severe conjunctival inflammation. Her eyes were red, swollen, and stuck together, causing her great pain. I tried various treatments, consulted my vet, and used different pet eye drops, but nothing worked. I couldn't stand Daisy continuing to suffer, so in an effort to help Daisy I looked online for advice and found recommendations for AAFQ™ Pet Eye Drops. Despite some skepticism, I decided to give it a try. After a week, Daisy's eyes were less red and swollen and she cried less. In just four weeks, her eye made a full recovery. These eye drops were her savior and restored her health and vitality. If your pet has eye problems, I highly recommend giving it a try. Like Daisy, they might find relief.

--⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Natasha Bradley

Man, let me tell you something important. One day we noticed something strange about our beloved dog Charlie's eyes. They were red, swollen, and weepy. At first we thought he just bumped into something while playing, so we didn't pay much attention. It took a week to realize the seriousness of the problem. Charlie's eyes became so red that he could barely open them and there was pus coming out of them. He is in so much pain and our hearts are broken. At the vet we learned he had severe purulent conjunctivitis. Starting treatment is expensive and the outcome of treatment is uncertain. At this time, a pet friend recommended AAFQ™ Pet Eye Drops. Because it helped their pets, we gave it a try. The first few days were unremarkable, but after two weeks of continued use, Charlie's eyes improved significantly. It's really great! Five weeks later, his eye was almost completely healed, bright and vibrant. AAFQ™ pet eye drops put Charlie out of pain. Thanks to my friend for the recommendation; it restored Charlie's eyesight.

--⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Maddison Horn

AAFQ™ PETS EYE DORPS is committed to solving various eye problems of pets and resolving the concerns of owners.

AAFQ™ PETS EYE DROPS is a product specially designed for pet eye health and has multiple functions. First of all, it can effectively remove tear stains around the pet's eyes, improving the pet's appearance while also enhancing the pet's overall comfort. Additionally, this eye drop can be used to treat a variety of eye inflammations, including conjunctivitis and keratitis. It's professionally formulated to relieve eye discomfort and pain and aid in your pet's eye recovery. What's more, AAFQ™ PETS EYE DROPS also has the ability to prevent eye diseases, providing pets with comprehensive eye care to ensure their eyes remain healthy and clear. This eye drop is suitable for all types of pet eye health treatments, providing pets with comprehensive eye care and comfort.

 If your pet has these eye problems


🔥Manufactured in a strictly FDA inspected facility.
🔥Brightens eyes within four weeks
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Where do pet eye problems such as conjunctivitis and keratitis come from?

Eye problems in pets usually progress from shallow to deep, and are often quite severe by the time they are discovered. Eye problems are usually caused by the interaction of internal and external factors. The lacrimal glands of the eyes secrete tears to moisten the eyeballs and flow into the nasal cavity through the nasolacrimal ducts for excretion. However, when the nasolacrimal duct is blocked or the eye is inflamed, causing excessive tear secretion due to stimulation, the tears will overflow from the corners of the eyes and oxidize over time to form obvious tear stains.

Eye infections such as bacterial, viral and fungal infections are one of the most common causes of various types of inflammation such as conjunctivitis and keratitis. The presence of these microorganisms can lead to inflammation and congestion of eye tissue. Factors such as trauma, allergic reactions, pet scratching, and xerophthalmia can also cause eye inflammation. In addition, external irritants such as smoke, wind, or chemicals, as well as genetic factors and abnormalities in your pet's immune system, may also play a role in the development of eye problems. The interaction between these factors contributes to the complexity of eye problems.

One bottle has multiple effects and is the nemesis of eye diseases!

 Based on various pet eye problems, AOIBHEAL, an American professional pet research organization, is proud to have invented an innovative eye drop. The research team is well aware of the complexity of pet eye problems and has conducted in-depth research on various pet eye problems, including conjunctivitis, keratitis, dacryocystitis, etc., and has a deep understanding of their root causes and symptoms. Therefore, AAFQ™ pets eye dorps have been carefully developed to provide the most effective solution.

AAFQ™ pets eye dorps use pure natural herbal ingredients to ensure the safety and mildness of the product, reduce the risk of allergies, and are specially designed to treat pet eye problems. This innovative formula helps treat and prevent inflammation, congestion, and other symptoms of eye tissue while promoting eye recovery.
At the same time, unlike other products, AAFQ™pets eye dorps go beyond symptomatic treatment and work to address the root cause of eye problems to reduce the risk of recurrence. So no matter what eye problem your pet is facing, AAFQ™pets eye dorps are your reliable choice. Help your pet regain bright eyes and regain a comfortable and happy life. Choose AAFQ™ pets eye dorps to provide the best care for your pet's eye health.

Does your pet have eye problems such as severe tear stains, conjunctivitis, keratitis, etc

Come try AAFQ™pets eye drops

 AAFQ™ Pet Eye Drops are a natural, herbal formula specially formulated to treat conditions such as red, itchy eyes, severe tear stains, dacryocystitis, blepharitis, conjunctivitis and keratitis. Our formula is designed to treat a variety of eye problems in pets with eye drops that repair the eyes, reduce inflammation, and reduce the recurrence of various eye inflammations. AAFQ™ Pet Eye Drops can help treat a variety of eye problems in your pet within four weeks.

Main ingredients

 Snow lotus extract:Snow lotus extract is an ideal solution for eye inflammation. This is due to the fact that snow lotus is rich in flavonoids and alkaloids, which play an excellent anti-inflammatory role by promoting the synthesis of adrenocortical hormones in the body. Snow lotus extract not only suppresses eye inflammation but also provides reliable pain relief. Its pharmacological mechanism goes to the root of the problem.

Cassia seed: Cassia has a rich 2,000-year history as a treatment for eye problems.It seed has a very good effect on improving eyesight. Cassia seed extract has a significant improvement and promotion effect on the tissue structure and function of the retina. It can significantly increase the activity of lactate dehydrogenase in the ciliary muscle and increase the adenosine triphosphate in the eye tissue. content, thereby achieving a protective effect on the optic nerve and preventing conjunctivitis, glaucoma and other diseases. Studies have found that cassia seed extract can slow down the deterioration of visual function by improving the antioxidant capacity in eyeball tissue.Cassia seeds can improve eyesight because it can activate lactate dehydrogenase, significantly increase its activity, increase adenosine triphosphate content, and have a protective effect on the optic nerve.

 Multiple key ingredients work synergistically to ensure comprehensive maintenance of your pet's eye health. Bilberry extract plays an important role in protecting the retina and alleviating eye discomfort, helping to relieve inflammation and maintain good eye health. Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronic acid, is a natural polymer compound that forms a key component of the tissue matrix. Not only does it excel at moisturizing and lubricating the eyes, it also provides effective protection for the cornea. In addition, the formula of the product also increases the moistness of the ocular surface, reduces the evaporation of tears, and ensures that the pet's eyes remain moist for a long time. Hyaluronic acid also stimulates epithelial cell adhesion, promotes the natural healing of the cornea, and provides stable nourishment to the eye. Finally, the high viscoelastic properties of Pearl Essence help reduce potential damage to the cornea, thereby preventing the occurrence of conjunctival inflammation. These ingredients work together to provide comprehensive care for your pet's eyes, including the prevention of conjunctival inflammation and the maintenance of eye health.

How do AAFQ™pets eye dorps work?

AAFQ™ pets eye dorps use proprietary pHast technology to better match the physiological pH of the tear film, making it gentle and non-irritating. AAFQ™pets eye dorps work by moisturizing the ocular surface, delivering active ingredients, reducing inflammation and congestion, killing bacteria or inhibiting microbial growth, promoting healing, and protecting eye tissue. AAFQ™pets eye dorps contain ingredients such as moisturizers, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics or antivirals to help relieve eye discomfort, treat eye problems, and keep eyes moist and healthy. The AAFQ™pets eye dorps research team has pioneered an efficient extraction technology that combines the active ingredients of a variety of herbs, which can effectively help pets reduce eye pain, inflammation and infection, and promote the healing of eye tissues, thereby making your Pets can achieve healthy eyes in four weeks.

What makes AAFQ™pets eye dorps the best choice?

  • Multi-faceted elimination of stubborn tear stains to prevent tears
  • Aiming at eye inflammation, powerful antibacterial and anti-infection
  • Gentle and non-irritating, achieves deep cleansing
  • Get to the root of eye diseases and restore bright eyes

Here are the results for Summer Bennett’s pets using AAFQ™ pets eye dorps

I have had a cat named Oliver for several years. After an outdoor adventure, Oliver's eyes began to appear red and swollen. At first, I wasn’t too worried, thinking it was just a common eye discomfort that could be cured by relying on the cat’s own ability to heal itself. However, a few days later, Oliver's eyes became increasingly red and swollen, to the point where he could not open his eyes due to swelling. I was very worried and took him to the vet immediately. After a veterinary examination, my heart was heavy with the diagnosis: Oliver had acute conjunctivitis and his condition was quite serious. The vet told me it was due to a bacterial eye infection and that it needed to be aggressively treated. He recommended that I use AAFQ™ pet eye drop, a pet-specific eye drop that contains anti-inflammatory ingredients and antibacterial drugs. I started using eye drops on Oliver carefully according to the instructions. In the early stages of treatment, the changes were so slow that Oliver's eyes didn't look much improved, which made me feel very anxious and helpless. Seeing its painful eyes every day breaks my heart.

But I also know that the treatment for this kind of acute conjunctivitis cannot be cured quickly. I insist on following the veterinarian's advice and giving Oliver eye drops on time every day, hoping to help her recover. After two weeks of use, I'm already seeing some signs of hope! Oliver's eyes were no longer so red and swollen, he could open them a little more, and his tears were reduced a lot. I was pleasantly surprised, so I continued to use this eye drop more insistently on Oliver. Fortunately, Oliver did not reject this eye drop at all. This may also be because this eye drop is very mild and non-irritating, and Oliver can feel the effect of the eye drop. Relieve the pain caused by the eyes.

After using this eye drop for five weeks, Oliver's eyes were no longer red, swollen and watery and looked completely healthy. Just in case, I took him to the vet again and the doctor told me that Oliver had conjunctivitis. It's completely healed! And it doesn’t have any eye disease problems anymore. After hearing this, I finally breathed a sigh of relief. Oliver finally has healthy eyes. This AAFQ™ pet eye drop really works wonders, it helped Oliver get rid of his eye problems and gave him a new lease of life.

Now, Oliver's eyes are brighter and healthier. He has regained his former curiosity and liveliness and explores various places such as the room and garden every day. I no longer have to worry about Oliver's eye damage during subsequent adventures. become infected again. Because AAFQ™ pet eye drop has strong antibacterial and anti-infective effects, consistent use of it can prevent various inflammations. For Oliver’s health, I will always keep this eye drop and insist on using it every day. I am so proud to have been able to help my pet beat conjunctivitis and so grateful for this amazing eye drop, it has truly changed Oliver's life.

How to use?

  1. Hold your pet’s head with your hands and hold it in place. Avoid dripping on the outside
  2. Separate the upper and lower eyelids of your pet’s eyes, slowly squeeze the drip port 3-5cm away and drip into the eyelids.
  3. Take three to four drops each time, twice a day
  4. After dripping, continue to fix your pet's head with your hands to prevent the residual liquid from overflowing. After one minute, take an appropriate amount of wet wipes and wipe around the eyes from the inside out.


  • AAFQ™pets eye dorps 12ml/0.41fl.oz(1/2/4/6/8 Bottles)
  • Origin: United States

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