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❄️WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite--Easy snow removal, freeing up your hands!

❄️WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite--Easy snow removal, freeing up your hands!

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In the past decade, the northern and northeastern regions of our country have been frequently hit by snowstorms, experiencing an average of 36 major snow events each year. These extreme weather conditions have caused significant challenges for residents, especially when it comes to outdoor snow removal. Walking becomes difficult, pets face challenges going outside, and plants are prone to frostbite. Every year, tens of thousands of vehicles are unable to drive or operate normally due to ice and snow. Manual snow removal is extremely challenging, and winter snow removal is not a one-day task!

Our Outdoor Snow Sprite has garnered millions of rave reviews!--⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Every household should have this! I love winter, but I really hate shoveling snow! Every time I open the door, I see thick snow piled up at my doorstep, making it difficult to get around. Shoveling every day also worsens my back injury! Until I purchased this WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite, my winter life has been absolutely wonderful! Since I sprinkled it on the roof and doorstep, the snow melts quickly! And its effect lasts for 15 days, which means I only need to use it once every half a month! The day before yesterday, I even sprinkled it on my car, and the entire car had no snow, not even on the windshield and windows. While my neighbors are struggling to clear the snow from their yards and cars, I recommended this WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite to them, and they are very thankful. I believe they will fall in love with it just like I did!"--⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Brad Dotson

"I live in MA and we had our highest recorded snow fall ever with below average temperature this past winter. 108 inches of snow fell mostly in just 2 months with little to no melting during that time. It was crazy. There was a roof collapse on the news daily. Businesses, homes and schools were all collapsing. This year, I had to take precautions in advance, and upon learning about the Outdoor Snow Sprite's ability to melt snow by adsorbing it, I immediately purchased 10 packs to tackle this winter. I also bought other tools to prevent any ineffectiveness of WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite, although my concerns turned out to be unnecessary because its effectiveness is so impressive that anyone passing by my doorstep looks at it with envy! It's environmentally friendly; my plants didn't suffer any damage because of it, and there's no unpleasant odor. The snow on the roof melts incredibly fast—it's truly amazing! Since I applied it, I don't have to shovel snow anymore. If you don't want to risk losing your entire garage like I did last year, I highly recommend using this for roof snow removal!"--⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Judy Fecko

Troubles Caused by Snow Accumulation and Ice!

When faced with extremely cold temperatures and blizzard conditions, it poses not only a challenge to indoor temperatures but also a significant risk of collapse to vulnerable roofs and vehicles exposed to such cold weather.
Without regular snow removal from the roof, ice and snow will continuously melt and refreeze, forming ice dams that damage gutters, push apart your shingles and paint, seep into the attic, causing indoor dampness and dripping. More seriously, if the roof cannot bear the weight of accumulated snow, it may lead to a direct collapse of the house!

In winter, vehicles not only experience frozen door handles and obscured windshields, but in the most severe cases, they can be completely buried under a daunting 2-meter thick layer of snow. This further emphasizes the need for a safe and reliable solution to tackle the formidable snow accumulation!

Cutting-edge research team

Director of Materials Science, Jack Thompson - Silicon Valley Research and Innovation Lab
"We are well aware that with global warming and the melting of ice in Iceland, this will lead to more severe and extreme weather conditions in the future. The current winter storms are becoming increasingly fierce, causing millions of people to be stranded under collapsed roofs. Upon receiving instructions, our team immediately conducted research on the theme of winter snow removal, focusing on developing materials for safe snow removal.The Outdoor Snow Sprite is currently the simplest and most efficient snow removal product. It can quickly melt thick snow and is environmentally friendly. We are confident that it will create a wave of enthusiasm."

WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite remains effective even in extremely harsh -40°F weather!

Even in weather as cold as -40°F, WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite, upon first contact with ice and snow, will initially lower the melting point, causing the ice and snow to melt into water. Subsequently, it adheres to the wood and ground, continuously generating low heat for 15 days. The ice and snow will continue to melt for a duration of 15 days. The key to this effect lies in the purely organic ingredients of WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite!

Safe ingredients have obtained EPA certification and USDA organic certification:

WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite is made using pure natural plant extracts, sea salt, and urea using microwave-assisted extraction. This technology not only has the function of preserving the performance of ingredients but also promotes the release of components using microwave energy. It has obtained EPA certification and USDA organic certification, making it environmentally friendly.

Erica carneaErica carnea is an evergreen plant that maintains its leaf vitality even in winter. The leaves of Erica carnea are rich in unique terpenoid compounds, exhibiting incredible resilience at extremely cold temperatures. Our discovery is astonishing—in extreme cold below -40°F, these terpenoid compounds can keep the leaf moisture in a full state, preventing snow and ice from covering them. The main reason is that these terpenoid compounds can lower the melting point of snow and ice to -40°F, keeping the leaf moisture in a flowing state. This makes Erica carnea a resilient and vibrant life in the ice and snow, enduring and full of vitality.

European mistletoeEuropean mistletoe is a marvel of nature, and its ability to withstand the cold is truly astonishing. In our study of its cold-resistant characteristics, we made the surprising discovery of its adhesion proteins and αβ-terpineol components. The adhesion proteins possess an adhesion strength nearly 20 times stronger than common plants, primarily attaching to places with water (snow and ice) to obtain water resources for survival. On the other hand, αβ-terpineol is a rare volatile oil with the ability to generate heat spontaneously, melting snow and ice. The radiant vitality of European mistletoe in the harsh winter depends on these two essential components, and neither can be lacking.

High-energy sea salt: We have increased the dissolving power of everyday sea salt, strengthened its bond with ice, significantly lowered the melting point of ice, making it easier to melt. At the same time, the high-energy version has a 90% lower salt concentration than the original, making it environmentally friendly for surrounding plants and aquatic life.

Low-nitrogen urea: Urea is used to deal with ice, and when it comes into contact with ice, it undergoes a chemical reaction, releasing heat, thereby causing the ice to melt. At the same time, low-nitrogen urea does not cause nitrogen pollution; the nitrogen elements in it react with adhesion proteins after completing their function, producing environmentally friendly low-concentration nitrogen gas.

Our Outdoor Snow Sprite has garnered millions of rave reviews!--⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Here in MN we have the issue of ice dams which build up at the edge of the roof by and over gutters.The ice dams can get huge and damage the shingles leading to leaks in the roof and walls.If we don’t get the snow away from at the least the first two feet of the roofs edge they can get pretty bad. This year, with the WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite, I managed to prevent ice dams on all parts of my roof. My roof is 11.5-16.5 feet high, so when I stood on a ladder to spread it, I couldn't ensure an even application, but the results are impressive. Now, both the roof and the yard are free of snow. It feels amazing to go out without snow in my yard, and my little dog is more excited than I am. This outdoor snow sprite has indeed brought me convenience and peace of mind." --⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Michigan, Jordan Jones

"I'm thrilled to receive this. I am a 44-year-old single woman, fed up with spending the entire morning clearing snow and ice from the roof just to go out and buy a few things in the winter. A friend of mine immediately recommended this WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite after using it, saying its effectiveness is comparable to snow melting. I quickly purchased five packs to solve my entire winter roof snow removal issue. Since I have this, I can now afford to sleep in a bit every morning. This morning, while my neighbors were clearing snow from their cars, I shared this product with them. They were all amazed and started celebrating the joy of not having to shovel their cars anymore! "--⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐London, Caleb Austin

Features of WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite

  • EPA certified and USDA organic certified
  • Safe ingredients, environmentally friendly
  • One pack can cover 1000 square feet
  • Single-use effect lasts up to 15 days
  • Effective even at -40℉
  • Suitable for use on roofs, car tops, roads, plants, ice surfaces, and other areas.


Q : How to use?

A : It's very simple. After opening the package, just evenly spread the product on the snowy areas. In less than five minutes, the snow will melt, and there's no need to clear the melted snow. WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite will adhere to the roof, ground, car top, plants, and other surfaces, providing a continuous snow-melting effect for up to 15 days.

Q : Does it work if sprinkled in a place without snow in advance?

A : It works, but it is not recommended to do so. WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite activates when adhered to surfaces such as roofs, ground, car tops, plants, etc. Your pre-application may reduce the actual snow removal time of WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite.

Q : How long does it take to see results after use?

A : When you sprinkle WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite on thick snow, you can see the snow melting slowly in less than five minutes. There is no need to clean the melted snow, as WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite will provide continuous snow-melting effects in that area for up to 15 days.

Q : Will there be no more snow accumulation and ice formation after the snow melts?

A : Yes, after the first thick snow melts with WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite, the snow in that area will continue to be dissolved for up to 15 days, so there will be no more snow accumulation and ice formation.

Q : Is it effective for clearing snow on cars?

A : Yes, WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite works on roofs, car tops, roads, plants, ice surfaces, and other areas. Simply sprinkle the Outdoor Snow Sprite evenly on the car roof and windows, and in less than five minutes, it will melt the snow and continue to provide snow-melting effects for 15 days.

Q : Will it generate high-temperature heat that could cause a fire?

A : No, WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite primarily works by lowering the melting point of ice and snow. At the same time, the heat generated by the self-heating volatile component αβ-terpineol in plants is not very high. Its heat is only sufficient to melt the ice and snow that already has a reduced melting point, and it will not pose a fire hazard to everyday plants, fabrics, or appliances.

Q : How long can one pack last?

A : One pack can cover an area of 1000 square feet, and the effect of a single application can last up to 15 days. If the area you are treating is smaller, one pack can be used multiple times.

Q : Is it environmentally friendly?

A : Outdoor Snow Sprite has obtained EPA certification and USDA organic certification. The ingredients are safe and environmentally friendly. Additionally, after melting the snow, WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite generates environmentally friendly low-concentration nitrogen gas.

Q : Is it safe for pets and children?

A : WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite has obtained EPA certification and USDA organic certification. It is safe with no side effects, making it friendly for all individuals, including pets and children.

Q : Can it make the indoors warm when applied to the roof?

 A : No, WarmSuns™ Outdoor Snow Sprite is designed for snow removal only and does not generate heat. For indoor heating, it is recommended to use heaters or similar products.


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